sapphire window price

Sapphire window price : If you want to get a better price of sapphire window, its cost is very important this month.

The cost of sapphire window involves several aspects.

For example, its characteristics include extremely high surface hardness and chemical resistance, and the ship speed ranges from ultraviolet to infrared wavelength

al2o3 substrate

2 Inch A - Axis Sapphire Wafer For EPI

Sapphire optical chips, 2inch sapphire substrates for led & Epi

5 Inch Sapphire Wafer R Plane Dia 125mm

5 Inch Sapphire Substrate | Al2O3 Material | 9.0 High Hardness

8 Inch Sapphire Wafer Dia 200 mm

8inch C plane sapphire wafer, Al2O3 crystal optical lens

sapphire window price

12 Inch Sapphire Wafers Dia 300mm

1.0mm Double Side Polished Sapphire Crystal Glass Wafers

4 inch Sapphire Wafer C-Plane Single or Double Side Polish Al2O3 Single Crystal

85% Light Transmissivity for Led

6 inch Sapphire Wafer C-Plane Single or Double Side Polish Al2O3 Single Crystal

Al2O3 Crystal Optical Lens For LED Epi

sapphire window price

The optical window is a kind of plane plate, which is usually used as a protective barrier for electronic sensors. It is also a protective film for the detector against external influences.

Product Description


Sapphire (Al2O3)



Index of Refraction nd


Axis Orientation


Young’s Modulus


Knoop Hardness


Surface Quality


Surface Flatness

2λ (typical)

Clear Aperture


Customized Shape

Round, square, rectangular

In the past 10 years of experience, we have provided miniature to large sapphire window mirrors and flat surfaces.

Although sapphire is usually more expensive than glass and other transparent materials, its excellent performance has saved many manufacturers a lot of production costs and does not need to be replaced.

We also provide basic wafer components of various materials, which are used in electronic components, optics, optoelectronics and other fields.

We have been working closely with scientific research institutions at home and abroad to help users provide more high quality sapphire.   

We are willing to take the interests of customers as the first goal, and go all out to improve our product quality and reduce our production costs.

 The optical window is selected according to the material transmission and mechanical properties of our substrate.

The optical window will not cause changes in the system magnification.

 At the same time, the optical window has different physical environments, When allowing light to pass through the selected window, please consider the parallelism of material transmission and the resistance to specific environment. 

It is widely used in laser technology, imaging technology and other fields.

Our silicon carbide wafer provides equipment manufacturers with a relatively high quality substrate. Its advantage is that it can be used to develop high performance power equipment.

The silicon carbide substrate is produced by using relatively advanced physical vapor transmission production technology and some auxiliary means, with high quality convert ingots into wafers.

Main advantages and characteristics.

  • The density is indeed depressed.
  • High quality crystal.
  • It can be used to improve the scale of semiconductor manufacturing.
  • The tolerance range applicable to some specific equipment manufacturing requirements.
  • It can optimize the performance and cost control of power electronic equipment. 

So in order to reduce the cost, we recommend you increase your number.

The use of silicon carbide wafers is actually very extensive. It is mainly used to manufacture high voltage and high power atomic devices, such as diodes, power transistors and high power microwave devices, and so on.

We can list them in detail in the next article.

If you just need 200mm sic wafers , please contact us immediately.

sapphire window price