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Sapphire coverslips is very suitable for some applications in the laboratory, such as some sensors or instruments, because it has excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance, and its thermal conductivity is also extremely excellent.

When you have scratch resistance requirements for applications, the sapphire cover is your choice. Although its thickness is declining, its robustness and durability are not affected,

Therefore, we say it is a very widely used method. There are various sizes of sapphire substrates available for selection. Please choose to cooperate with the New Science and Technology Association, this is the right decision.

Sapphire Coverslips

2 Inch A - Axis Sapphire Wafer For EPI

Sapphire optical chips, 2inch sapphire substrates for led & Epi

5 Inch Sapphire Wafer R Plane Dia 125mm

5 Inch Sapphire Substrate | Al2O3 Material | 9.0 High Hardness

8 Inch Sapphire Wafer Dia 200 mm

8inch C plane sapphire wafer, Al2O3 crystal optical lens

Sapphire Coverslips | Sapphire Cover Glass

12 Inch Sapphire Wafers Dia 300mm

1.0mm Double Side Polished Sapphire Crystal Glass Wafers

4 inch Sapphire Wafer C-Plane Single or Double Side Polish Al2O3 Single Crystal

85% Light Transmissivity for Led

6 inch Sapphire Wafer C-Plane Single or Double Side Polish Al2O3 Single Crystal

Al2O3 Crystal Optical Lens For LED Epi

Sapphire slide& Coverslips | Sapphire Coverslips

Sapphire Coverslips

In fact, Sapphire coverslips is a sapphire thin sheet, which is today’s aluminum oxide used to cover and protect some samples of glass sheets on microscopes. Here are some details for your convenience when purchasing sapphire cover sheets.
Compared with traditional glass, sapphire cover glass has a better refractive index, which makes it more transparent. When you place it in a large cup mung bean microscope, you can obtain higher resolution and higher contrast images, making the images clearer.

Sapphire cover glasses are mainly used in microscopes, especially those with high resolution requirements. They are more helpful for focusing on super-resolution and some observations of microscopes.

Sapphire cover glass can withstand some acidity and alkalinity, especially under high salt and high temperature conditions, making it very suitable for these scenarios.

Main advantages and characteristics.

  • The density is indeed depressed.
  • High quality crystal.
  • It can be used to improve the scale of semiconductor manufacturing.
  • The tolerance range applicable to some specific equipment manufacturing requirements.
  • It can optimize the performance and cost control of power electronic equipment.

Compared with the size of 150 mm wafer, the size of our 200 mm wafer enables manufacturers to take advantage of higher economies of scale.

Our 200 mm silicon carbide wafer provides consistent mechanical and chemical properties to ensure compatibility and matching with existing and developing equipment manufacturing processes.

To produce high quality 200 mm silicon carbide wafers is a way for us to provide quality assurance for many users. Whether it is 150 mm to 200 mm, we can provide stable quality and high performance quality.

So in order to reduce the cost, we recommend you increase your number.

The use of silicon carbide wafers is actually very extensive. It is mainly used to manufacture high voltage and high power atomic devices, such as diodes, power transistors and high power microwave devices, and so on.

Sapphire cover glass can also be applied to enhance the detection of weak fluorescence signals.Some unique characteristics provide excellent sapphire cover glass for the research progress of biology and materials science.

The hardness and chemical stability of sapphire can still form relatively high resolution imaging in some extreme environments, such as high temperature of 1000 degrees, which makes it possible to study the imaging of some living cells.

Its thickness is very thin, but it does not affect its firmness.

If you just need Sapphire Coverslips , please contact us immediately.

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