Sapphire Optical Windows

Sapphire Optical Windows in China :  Here are the manufacturers and manufacturers of Sapphire Optical Window you wantto find. All Surface Polished Sapphire Optical Windows Crylinder Rod Lens With Plunger Stick. 

Sapphire Optical Windows

Sapphire Optical Windows

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Sapphire Optical Windows

Optical Sapphire window Specifications:

StructureSquare plano lens
Substrate MaterialGlass Sapphire
Diameters &Thickness Available1 mm to 400mm for Diameter ,0.08-300mm for Thickness 
DiameterTolerance+0.00/-0.10 mm
Surface Quality60-40 Scratch-Dig(general) 10-5 to 80-50 is available
Surface Flatness1/4 lambda to 3lambda
Surface Irregularity
(Peak to Valley)
 commonly 1-3λ
Thickness tolerance    +/-0.1mm or better
Focal length tolerance         +/-1%
Clear Aperture     >90% of Diameter
Chamfer0.05-0.5mmx45degree,according to customer’s needs.
Centration3 arc min
CoatingAR,Mgf2 is on request,R<0.25%
Visible wavelength,laser wavelength

Sapphire Optical Windows
If you’re looking for the best windows available, XKH’ Sapphire Optical Windows are a great choice. These windows have a fixed damage threshold. This means they will last for decades, even in the harshest conditions. More information about them, such as their high-pressure applications and chemical resistance, should also be available.

Resistance to chemicals
Sapphire optical windows are extremely hard and resistant to chemicals and heat. This makes them an excellent choice for high-pressure and harsh environments. Sapphire has a high compressive strength and is acid resistant. It also has high optical transmittance in the visible and near-infrared spectrums. The physical and chemical properties of the crystal make it an excellent choice for viewports and vacuum chambers.

Sapphire is more durable than diamond and is frequently used to create precision sapphire windows. The material is also used in surveillance systems and military equipment. Sapphire is one of the most durable transparent materials and can withstand a wide range of chemicals.

Sapphire is extremely acid and base resistant. It is also relatively plasma resistant. Sapphire is used in window and lens manufacturing, as well as etching equipment. Sapphire, on the other hand, can be harmed by highly corrosive solutions such as hydrofluoric acid. Precision polishing can help to reduce this damage.

Sapphire windows come in a variety of grades. Grades 1–4 are optical, while grades 5–6 are technical. Higher grade sapphire is less susceptible to light scattering and lattice distortion, and it does not solarize. Sapphire windows can be made thinner than other types of windows, with transmittance ranging from 0.15um to 5.5um. They are also more resistant to UV radiation and more durable.

Sapphire windows are an excellent choice for a wide range of UV and IR applications. Because of their high sensitivity, they are ideal for UV and visible surveillance as well as IR inspection equipment.

Resistance to scuffing/wear
Sapphire optical windows provide scratch/wear resistance as well as exceptional optical performance in harsh environments. Sapphire glass can withstand temperatures in excess of 3,600°F. Sapphire has excellent corrosion resistance and is chemically inert up to a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Sapphire is also the second hardest gemstone after diamond. It is highly valued for its strength and durability, and it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its properties make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including automotive and aerospace windows.

Sapphire has excellent chemical and thermal properties, making it an excellent window material. It is resistant to a wide range of acids and alkalis, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its low thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion make it an excellent choice for a wide range of high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Sapphire is an excellent material for optical windows, including spectrometers for use in oceanic environments, due to the same physical and chemical properties.

Sapphire windows are frequently used in environments that necessitate high temperatures, pressure, or vacuum. This is due to its excellent thermal and optical properties. They are also coated with an anti-reflection coating to allow for maximum light transmission.

Sapphire windows come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Because sapphire is scratch and wear resistant, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Sapphire optical windows can be made of pure aluminum oxide, synthetic sapphire, or single crystal sapphire.

Transmission of infrared light
Because of their high transmittance from the visible to the infrared spectrum, sapphire windows are an excellent choice for optical systems. They are scratch resistant and suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, sapphire is an excellent material for cover windows, protective glass for optical systems, and detector windows.

Sapphire is a tough material with very low thermal conductivity. It is also extremely chemical resistant. Because of its properties, it is suitable for use in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Its mechanical and optical performance are also enhanced by its perpendicular to the face C-axis.

Sapphire windows are available in both standard and customized designs. They are well-suited for high-pressure, high-temperature environments, as well as high thermal loads, vacuum environments, and corrosive environments. They can also be used for medical devices such as hair removal lasers, endoscopes, and skin contact windows.

Sapphire Optical Windows

Sapphire windows can safely isolate hot zones with temperatures reaching high degrees Celsius. Because of this, they are ideal for use as sight windows in furnaces and other high-temperature processing equipment. They can also be found in medical and dental instruments that require UV sterilization and infrared thermal processing. Sapphire windows are ideal for high-temperature combustion chambers, gas processing equipment, and lamp shields because they can withstand high temperatures.

Sapphire Optical Windows