6 inch sic wafer | Silicon Carbide (4H-SiC) wafers

 6 inch sic wafer : An effective semiconductor material is called silicon carbide, wafer, which has been widely used in many microelectronic products and is widely welcomed in recent years. It is also called 4H-SiC. Its crystal structure makes it particularly suitable for electronic equipment working at high temperature or high power level.

6 inch sic wafer

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Here we will explain the content of 6-inch silicon carbide wafer in detail.
Silicon carbide plays a vital role in the production of various electronic equipment. From smart phones and computers to solar panels and LED lamps, thin gold dollars, the quality and uniformity of its silicon chips play an important role in the performance of finished products. It is the basic material for building microchips and other components.

The 6-inch silicon carbide wafer is the most common and common size among ghost chips. Compared with small size silicon chips, it has many advantages, including larger area for equipment manufacturing and lower cost per square meter. However, it is easier to handle and cut than large silicon chips, making it an important choice for many manufacturers.

Starting from the purification of silicon, it will directly affect the production of high-quality 6-inch silicon wafers, and then melt and crystallize them into a single crystal ingot. Then we use a saw to cut it into thin pieces and make it clear and smooth to ensure that the whole process is even on the thickness.
This process is called polishing process, and the main purpose is to remove some pollutants.

After we check, clean and polish the wafers, our 6-inch wafers can be used to produce microchips and other electronic components, including solar panels.

A silicon carbide with a diameter of 6 inches is about 150 mm. These sic wafer have a better processing method than small wafers.

6 inch sic wafer