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 20 years of deep cultivation in the sapphire industry just for continuous production of high-quality sapphire wafers.

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Sapphire substrate:In the whole market, if you want to get a better sapphire substrates price and properties with good composition , and have a better crystal structure, the sapphire of Xinkehui is worth your choice.

Sapphire substrate has a good heat resistance, a wide transmission wavelength range, a unique combination of excellent thermal conductivity and stable electrical performance, and its strength is very high. If you are interested in our sapphire wafer, our large inventory can meet your timely delivery, and if your volume is large, we can have a corresponding discount, We also provide customized sapphire wafer, please go ahead. Love connects with us.

sapphire substrate crystal structure

2 Inch c plane sapphire substrate

Sapphire optical chips, 2inch sapphire wafers for led & Epi

5 Inch Sapphire Wafer R Plane Dia 125mm

5 Inch Sapphire Substrates | Al2O3 Material | 9.0 High Hardness

8 Inch Sapphire Wafer Dia 200 mm

8inch C plane sapphire wafer, Al2O3 crystal optical lens

12 Inch Sapphire Wafers Dia 300mm

1.0mm Double Side Polished Sapphire Crystal Glass Wafers

4 Inch Sapphire Optical Windows A - Axis

85% Vision Light Transmissivity, Single Crystal for Led

6 Inch Sapphire Wafer C Axis

Al2O3 Crystal Optical Lens For LED Epi - Ready

Sapphire Substrate Wafers

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XKH will use specific high-end and advanced testing equipment to test our sapphire related products to ensure that every product you have is efficient and stable.

Sapphire Substrate

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With 15 years of market experience, the Sapphire Wafer of XKH has been recognized by customers in many countries. We are very grateful to users for their support and trust over the years.

 Your sapphire wafer products are very good, transparency is very nice , and have a very wide range of applications, especially the price competition. In our market, we have your support, which makes us even more powerful.

John Doe

We have been purchasing sapphire wafers from XKH for 6 years. Their quality has been very stable and delivery has been very timely, especially in terms of technical support. Their engineer team is very strong. We are very grateful for your help.

Jessica Smith

In the end, we were lucky to choose Xinkehui as the manufacturer and supplier of our sapphire wafers. Their sapphire wafers are excellent, and our customers are very satisfied with this, especially in terms of price and quality stability. You can purchase from Xinkehui with complete confidence.

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Sapphire Substrates - FAQ

We mainly provide three kinds of sapphire substrates with different surface treatment quality. From the standard sapphire substrate to the polished sapphire substrate with surface quality, the sapphire substrate is basically standard, with a 60~40 appearance and a roughness of about 0.3 nm, which is basically applicable to most spectroscopic and film performance requirements.

When optical transmission is required within the range of ultraviolet or infrared rays, we highly recommend sapphire for your industry. They are ideal substitutes for glass substrates, and have also received very good performance in low temperature optical measurement. Because sapphire substrates have high thermal conductivity, they are also very suitable for use in 2300k high temperature environments.

As a professional sapphire (Al2O3) wafers supplier and provider, we are trusted by most customers all over the world because of our stable quality. Our Sapphire Wafer is also called Al2O3. Its product range includes 1 inch,2inch,3inch,4 inch,5inch,6 inches, which have a large amount of inventory to ensure your timely product needs. We can also customize the special saphire substrates according to your needs.

We recommend that you use our sapphire substrate for Class 3 nitride semiconductors, such as blue and white LEDs.

When sapphire wafer is used in LED, its reliability, richness, cost–ffectiveness and its comprehensive performance have been highly praised and respected in the LED industry.

The sapphire substrate we supply is designed to help you reduce your production costs and make a little contribution to the entire industry.High Strength Thermal Stability Chemical Stability

High Purity Polished Sapphire(Al2O3) Wafers

The continuous improvement of sapphire production technology has lowered the price of sapphire, enabling it to grow into larger spheres.

The progress in these two aspects has made sapphire widely used in more and more fields, bringing its performance to an extreme. This is also the optimistic side we see at present.

The substrate is used in the field of microelectronics. Silicon and potassium arsenide are used in the application of the first generation and the second generation of more traditional semiconductors, respectively.

It has promoted the development of the entire photoelectric technology and brought great changes to people’s lives. However, due to the limitations of production and materials at that time, the first generation and the second generation of semiconductors could only work below 240 degrees at high temperatures, especially below 200 degrees,

It can not meet the requirements of modern electronic technology for high temperature, high power, high frequency and high voltage radiation resistance and blue light emission.

However, when our third generation of semiconductors appeared, that is, broadband, potassium nitride and potassium silicide, the advantages of first waiting for patients were particularly obvious, such as broadband high speed electronic protection and good thermal conductivity, high destructive strength, DJ electrical constant and strong thermal stability.

Therefore, the third generation of conductive materials semiconductor materials were widely used in aerospace, New light source technology memory and other fields of broad application scenarios.


In the mid and late s of the 20th century, people began to explore the growth process of potassium nitride. At that time, due to the limitations of materials and technology, it was impossible to produce high–uality potassium nitride crystals. At present, new methods are constantly emerging, which has constantly promoted the research, development and production of gallium nitride. Although there is a large lattice mismatch between potassium nitride and sapphire crystals, when sapphire is used as the substrate, Its advantages can be clearly highlighted.

If the structure is the same as that of potassium nitride crystal and the temperature reaches stability, especially at high temperatures, to achieve stable heat dissipation and good chemical and physical properties.

at present, with the improvement and promotion of production technology, high–uality gallium nitride crystals can be epitaxial on sapphire wafers, so the sapphire surface has become the most ideal substrate product for practical applications.

At present, LED bulbs and refrigerators are used. Semiconductors, washing machines, and smart phone digital cameras all need to use these raw materials. There are also very few electronic devices that do not use integrated circuits. As time goes on, the application of sapphire substrate will be more extensive and more easily accepted.

At present, compared with the standard sapphire substrate, our super smooth sapphire substrate has reached a high gloss index of relatively good surface quality, with a roughness of about 0.1 nm and atomic force microscope.

It has been used in some application fields that require surface quality. Of course, it is also widely used in the application of two–imensional materials.

At the same time, we also reserve sapphires with rough surface treatment. It is better than most with scratches and slightly higher effective value. The roughness is 0.7nm. Of course, this premise is that you don’t mind. There is a small amount of optical scattering. These substrates are ideal.

Mechanical properties.

Because sapphire is very hard, its hardness is second only to diamond, that is, because of this characteristic, sapphire has better scratch resistance.

 Chemical properties.

Sapphire is the crystal form of aluminum oxide, arranged in hexagonal lattice, relatively inactive and resistant to acid and alkali, including hydrofluoric acid.

Optical properties.

Sapphire is birefringent, That is to say, this kind of birefringence has been used in various chemical elements, but it is usually undesirable for the base used for optical measurement. The refractive index we usually say depends on the direction of light propagation in the crystal and its polarization.

Thermal performance

As the thermal conductivity is sapphire, it has a relatively high performance at room temperature, twice that of stainless steel.

This value will increase with the decrease of temperature, which makes sapphire very suitable for low–emperature high light selective measurement that needs to achieve a balance between the sample and the low temperature chamber.

It is also suitable for operations in relatively high temperature environments. Our sapphire substrate is polished to optical quality and has a roughness significantly lower than that of the glass substrate.

Our sapphires can eliminate the polarization of normal intake along the life cutting. Generally, sapphires with wavelengths between 200 nm and 5 μ m are transparent, which is why they become the best choice for infrared and ultraviolet applications, so that the refractive index in the visible spectrum of sapphires can be reflected.

Although the unique mechanical, optical, chemical and physical properties of sapphire enable it to resist scratches in the bedroom against high temperature, water sand and thermal shock, it is also a good window material and is widely used in many infrared applications.

 The opposite sapphire substrate is widely used in blue LED and diode GaN.

Two inch wafers can be reduced 250um, four inch wafers to 300 inch wafers.  The customized gold coins we provide are quite complete in size, ranging from two inches, four inches, five inches, six inches, eight inches, etc.

  Suppliers in the market can have different prices for sapphire substrates. On many websites, sapphire substrates of different quality levels are also sold. For our purchasers, price and quality are equally important. Sapphire is basically self–ontained. 

Its unique optical, physical and chemical properties, and even mechanical properties play a decisive role in its quality. By the way, sapphire has good resistance to shock heat. The bedroom with high temperature sand has good resistance, and its thermal conductivity is also very obvious at low temperatures.

The wonderful applications are as follows, which can be applied to Infrared application optoelectronics and electronics as well as silicon integrated circuits on sapphire, growth substrate, unique mechanical properties.

 At present, our requirements for the minimum order quantity of sapphire are relatively low. If in some large industries, such as semiconductor applications,

the substrate manufacturer requires the company to place a minimum order, before placing an order, we need to verify your actual demand and try to avoid costly purchases.

Basically, a silicon sapphire integrated circuit of silicon dioxide is formed in sapphire, which ensures the electrolysis of the above, and can conduct electricity in the circuit in an effective way.

Different sizes.

We have a very rich variety of sizes of sapphire substrates for you to choose from and a large number of stocks exist, which can facilitate our timely shipment. According to your different requirements and the needs of different application fields, we will have corresponding sapphire substrates to provide you.

Generally, an industry may need several different types of sizes, no matter what, The most important thing is to buy from a reputable and professional manufacturer, because it is the guarantee of quality.

In addition to size, I think quality is the first thing you should do. The second consideration is the price. Since various semiconductors are used in different devices, it seems that sapphire is a highly recommended raw material.

If the price of the sapphire substrate mentioned above is very different from its raw materials, its minimum order quantity, and the different prices of the selected application fields, 

of course, it comes from different suppliers, and its quality requirements and the price of normative raw materials will also cause the price of the sapphire substrate to fluctuate greatly.

Sapphire substrate has a good heat resistance, a wide transmission wavelength range, a unique combination of excellent thermal conductivity and stable electrical performance, and its strength is very high. 

If you are interested in our sapphire substrate, our large inventory can meet your timely delivery, and if your volume is large, we can have a corresponding discount, We also provide customized sapphire substrates, please go ahead. Love connects with us.

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