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Synthetic Sapphire Block : Compared with traditional glass windows, its material is more sturdy, thick, and relatively thin. The wavelength of transmitting ultraviolet to mid infrared is also very standard, with very high hardness and chemical resistance.

This type of sapphire record with extremely high hardness and high thermal conductivity is mainly composed of single crystal sapphire, while also possessing chemical acid and alkali resistance and high dielectric constant.

This performance makes it an ideal choice for many electronic products under extremely harsh application conditions in general applications.

We provide both Synthetic Sapphire Glass and synthetic sapphire window.


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Synthetic Sapphire Block | China Manufacturer & Supplier

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Synthetic Sapphire Block | China Manufacturer & Supplier

Synthetic Sapphire Block

XKH provides high quality sapphire wafers with high purity and no grain boundaries The transparency is very good, with visible infrared wavelengths, transparent line of sight, and we can provide relatively complex shapes with very stable chemical properties, achieving a high melting point. 2053oC.

It is a raw material with almost no particle pollution.
Synthetic sapphire and gold element have many outstanding advantages in terms of technology. Here we briefly list some for your reference.

The melting point is relatively high.The melting point of sapphire blocks can reach 2072 ℃, so our sapphire wafers can be extensively used in areas with extreme high temperature applications.This is also one of the reasons why it differs from other ordinary materials, as it can withstand applications in high-temperature environments.

Material Sapphire(Al2O3)
Density(20°C) Kg/m3                 3.98×103
Crystal lattice constant          a=4.785Å c=12.991 Å
Mohs hardness                            9
Melting Point                               2045°C
Boiling Point                                3000°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion    α=5.8×10 -6 /K
Specific heat                          0.418W.s/g/k
Thermal conductio                  25.12W/m/k(@100°C)
Refractive Index (nd)               no=1.768ne=1.76
dn/dt                                         13×10-6/K(@633nm)
Tranmission                            T≈85%(0.3~5um)
Permittivity                               11.5(//c), 9.3(⊥c)

Chemical inertness is also very advantageous, as sapphire wafers have strong resistance to acids and bases, and they will not be affected by time.Or exposed to the environment and affected, which also makes it suitable for some components that require long-term use of optics. At the same time, the wide spectral transparency is excellent.From 150 to 5.5, the utilization range is very transparent.So it is the best raw material for optical components.

Our industrial grade sapphire wafers have a very high degree of pollution, very few defects, and a very smooth surface with almost no scratches. Their chemical and physical properties are very stable, and they have excellent performance in high-temperature resistance. At the same time, their thermal conductivity is also a major advantage. However, they are also very good electrical insulators, and they are worth using boldly in your semiconductor field.

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Synthetic Sapphire Block | China Manufacturer & Supplier

Synthetic Sapphire Block | China Manufacturer & Supplier