6 inch sapphire wafer price | sapphire wafer 6

6 inch sapphire wafer price | sapphire wafer 6 , 6inch C-axis double side polished sapphire wafer for led epi-ready,sapphire substrates, Al2O3 crystal optical lens.Pls contact us now.

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2 Inch Sapphire Wafer with Good Price

6 inch sapphire wafer price | sapphire wafer 6

Why did we chose sapphire?

Windows that are thinner and stronger than standard glass transmit wavelengths ranging from UV to mid-infrared. Our optical synthetic Sapphire crystal has an extremely hard surface and is chemically resistant.

OEM Size and Design, any shape is acceptable;
Widely used in optical windows, lenses, and military applications, among other things.
The material is sapphire synthetic (hardness 9H)
> 99.995% crystal purity;
Provide A plane, R plane, C plane, M plane, and additional random planes for crystal alignment.

for sapphire crystal item

6 inch C-axis polished sapphire wafer for led epi-ready, sapphire substrates, Al2O3 crystal optical lens

For high purity needs, our sapphire material is produced using the Kyropoulos and Bagdasarov Methods.

LED Semiconductors and Precision Laser Optics are two examples.

Material: Al2O3 single crystal 99.999%
Thickness: 100025um or as specified
47.52.5mm primary flat or circular form
A-plane orientation: A0.1° (11-20)

C-plane orientation (0001) 0.2°0.1° off the M axis

Roughness of the frontside surface:Ra0.3nm

Roughness of the backside surface: 0.81.2um

Alternatively, polished on both sides




Laser Mark Series No. by requirements

In a class 100 environment, vacuum-sealed containers with nitrogen bag fill are used.

Clearance of visible contaminants


Q: Do you have any basic items?

A: We keep our basic items on hand.

such as a 4inch 0.65mm,0.5mm polished wafer

Q: What is the shipping method and cost?

A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, EMS, and other courier services.

(2) It’s ideal if you have your own express account.

If not, we could assist you in shipping them.

The freight is calculated in accordance with the actual settlement.

Q: How should I pay?

A: 50% deposit, 50% balance due before delivery T/T, Paypal,

What is your minimum order quantity?

A: (1) (1) The minimum order quantity for inventory is ten pieces.

(2) The minimum order quantity for bespoke items is 25 pieces.

Q: When will my order be delivered?

(1) In the case of regular products

For inventory, shipping is 5 business days after you place your purchase.

Customized items take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive after you place your order.

6 inch sapphire wafer price | sapphire wafer 6

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6 inch sapphire wafer price | sapphire wafer 6