silicon wafer manufacturing companies

silicon wafer manufacturing companies

 In the delicate world of microelectronic manufacturing, every detail is critical to the performance and reliability of the final product.

We specialize in providing customized silicon substrate solutions by precisely cutting standard silicon substrates into rectangular blocks that meet your chip size and layout requirements according to your specific needs.

This personalized service is not only suitable for prototyping and pilot production stages, but also for small and medium volume production, providing flexible and efficient material support for your projects.

In order to meet the requirements of different application scenarios, we carry out delicate processing of silicon wafers.

We “grow” a dense layer of thermal oxide or silicon dioxide (SiO₂) on the wafer surface by means of a wet or dry thermal oxidation process.

This process is achieved by precisely controlling the combination of oxidizing agent and heat to ensure the uniformity and stability of the oxide layer.

silicon wafer manufacturing companies

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