8 inch sapphire wafer price | 8 sapphire wafer

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8-inch C Plane substrate specification
Material: Al2O3 single crystal 99.999%
C-plane orientation (0001) 0.2°0.1 off the M axis Diameter:200.000.2mm

Thickness: 13.0025um, 750.25um, or 1000.25um

8 Inch Dia 200mm Sapphire Wafer 1.0mm Thickness 1sp For Epi – Ready Carrier 2 Primary flat:57.52.5mm

OF flat orientation: A axis0.1°

Roughness of the frontside surface:Ra0.2nm

Roughness of the backside surface: 0.81.2um

(Alternatively, double side polished, both sides Ra0.3nm)




Laser Mark Series No. by requirements

Containers vacuum-sealed with nitrogen backfill in a class 100 environment

Clearance of visible contaminants

Indium Phosphide
2 Inch Sapphire Wafer with Good Price

8 inch sapphire wafer price | 8 sapphire wafer

8-inch C-axis sapphire wafer for epi-ready, Al2O3 single crystal wafer, sapphire thick glass lens for covering, and sapphire optical windows with a diameter of 200mm

Rough or polished led substrate sapphire plate wholesale price (Sapphire wafers (C-axis, A-plane, M-axis, Random)) polishing of sapphire wafers

Synthetic Optical Sapphire Wafer Characteristics

Sapphire Wafer 8 Inch Diameter 200mm 1sp Thickness 1.0mm For Epi – Ready Carrier 0
> 99.996% crystal purity;
Provide A plane, R plane, C plane, M plane, and other unique axes for crystal alignment.
Directional precision: 0.05°
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crystal sapphire
Sapphire is one of the toughest materials and has excellent transmission properties in the visible and near-IR spectrums.
It is commonly utilized as an optical window in military infrared and far infrared equipment, apparatus, and systems.

Night infrared scope/sight and night vision camera, for example, are satellite and space technology, navigation, and spaceflight tools.

The sapphire crystal window is widely used in high-tech applications.

Because of their great surface hardness, excellent thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, and resistance to typical chemical acids and alkalis, sapphire windows are ideal for demanding applications (such as laser systems).
Sapphire is the second hardest crystal after diamonds in terms of structural strength; because of this, sapphire windows may be produced significantly thinner than other typical dielectric windows while yet retaining high transparency. Sapphire is a single crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3) that has a transmission range of 0.2 – 5.5m.

Sapphire washers, windows, bearings, rods, tubes, ruby sapphire wafer, dome sapphire, sapphire insulating film, sapphire ball lens, sapphire/ruby ball

8 inch sapphire wafer price | 8 sapphire wafer

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8 inch sapphire wafer price | 8 sapphire wafer